Here we got a short music piece of NARA song. Try the link above and you recognise some Japanese words? Actually the lyrics consist of place names from Nara visit highlights (you might spot my effort to keep nice rhyming to juggle all names   in nice order!).


Todai-ji   Koufuku-ji   Gangou-ji

Daian-ji   Kasuga-taisha   Yakushi-ji

Shin-Yakushi-ji   Nigatsu-dou Nanen-dou

Sarusawa-ike   Tobihi-no Ukimi-dou

To give some idea about Japanese words, basically, the suffix ‘-ji’ means temple in general terms  whilst ‘-dou’ rather stands for one building of temple (it tends to describe relatively small one). In addition, ‘-ike’ means pond.

All sites appeared here are must-visit to touch Nara ancient culture.

One example, Koufuku-ji temple is…

Amazing old structure isn’t it? Hopefully you would be accompanied by this lovely short music piece in your next Nara visit. Thank you, Miku!

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2 Replies to “Nara places / NARA MUSIC COLLECTION”

    1. Thank you for your comment:)

      Nara is a town in Japan, which was old capital city in 8th century.

      There are many historical sites for world travelers who look for authentic experience of Japanese culture.

      We are a community to introduce latest scenes from this wonderful town (with some otaku taste!).

      We hope you would put it in your ‘must-visit’ in your future travel:)


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