Hot anime word – Shogi!

Shogi is a two-player board game in Japan. Like chess, it’s traditional (some say that original one was recorded in the 13th century ) and still very popular.

As a proof of recent popularity, on-going winter TV season got two shogi anime. One is March Comes in Like a Lion (M.C.L.L) and the other is The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done (R.W.N.D)*.

By official site of ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’

By official site of The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done.

I am following through all episodes of both so far. As an amateur Shogi player, I recommend RWND as Shogi scenes are more realistic.

However, I don’t drop MCLL because characters are based on real Shogi player (kind of…) so some reality of Shogi pro world is there.

Interestingly, both are featured by very impressive background art. It’s from real Tokyo and Osaka city landscape.

But why Shogi is back in popular world this way?

OK. let’s see what-is-shogi stuff a bit deeper.

Firstly I try to save your time to read Wiki in case you have not heard anything about Shogi before.

As in chess, you play Shogi pieces the way you capture opponent’s King piece. One difference, which would surprise chess players, is that dropped opponent’s piece can be brought back in play.

Therefore, whole gameplay always looks ‘all-out’ condition which makes Shogi more strategic one (giving astronomical explosion of gaming pattern) . I am personally surprised by the fact professional players keep inventing ‘wining moves’ even after 800 year history.

And that is very reason why manga creator still look into this old-school game as hot subject…

A good example is here: Do you know one young Shogi player recorded 29 consecutive wins since his day one of professional career, and then have beaten ‘unbeatable’ permanent Meijin (Master) in a match?

It happened just last month. And now AI challenges them by new computational hardware (It will be quantum CPU near future…)

Reality is as exciting as sword&magic fantasy, isn’t it?

Ongoing two animes above are a good introduction to deep Shogi world!

Author: Guest writer ‘Roppu’

*it’s just coincidence they sound like terminologies of network protocol.


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